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Saturday, August 4th 2012

10:43 PM

Pedo 13 years sex


Related article: "Do you love me more than Damien Jase?" "You know I do." "Ok so I can do this then?" With that he held my face between his hands and kissed me on the lips, nothing fierce, just a gentle brush of 90 year old porn the lips. I had to make an instant decision. Push him away or pull him in close to hug him. I chose the latter. "I guess, but please don't do it as publicly as Damien will you." He moved back and saw the twinkle in my eyes. He grinned as well. "Depends on whether I get enough kisses in here." "Are you trying to seduce me young man?" I said it in my most school masterly voice and Matt just shrugged and said very quietly, "What do you think?" I grabbed him, held him at arms length and looked into those eyes. I had my answer before I asked the question. My life was about to take a course sexy teens 15 years I had never considered. Very gently I said to him, "Why now Matt, you've been here almost a year." Next Chapter Jason and Matt get physical, but how will this affect their relationship? Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 15:22:38 -0400 From: Chris Johns Subject: Cruelty to Children Ch.4 See nude teens 13-16 years Chapter 1 for restrictions, nothing has changed. Chapter 4 Matt shows me my true self "It's been getting more difficult all the time. I make excuses to come and sleep with you. I love the feel of your hard body against mine, you know I always have an erection in bed with you. I love you so much. You've made me your life and you are mine Jase but I want your body as well as your heart." I pulled him into me and hugged him. "I need time to digest that one Matt. I've never even jacked off with another guy, not even the other Matt who I would have died for." "Would you die for me Jase?" "Yes Baby, in a heartbeat." I could feel his emotions, they were seeping out of him like a leaky faucet. "Settee Matt, time for serious cuddles I think." We curled up and I stroked his hair and his face. "I love you Matt. You fill a great hole in my heart that I never expected to fill again after Matt died, but I don't know about this step that you want me to take. I don't have any problem in 14 years porn pic principal with man on man sex but I'm still a complete virgin. I guess my sex drive is very low. I've no particular interest in making love to a woman so making love to a man wouldn't faze me I don't think. My problem with you is that you are fifteen and I have been thinking of you more as a son than a lover." "You know this year you are exactly double my age so you're not really old enough to have 13 year girl me for a son and when I'm fucking 14 years girls twenty you'll only be thirty five that's nothing. When I'm forty, you'll only be fifty five, the age difference is less than nothing." I had to lighten this up a little. "Are you practising to become a lawyer, you're putting up a very good case." "Do you think so? Will you let me sleep with you tonight little pussy 14 years then?" "You do that frequently, but you mean for something more than cuddles, so let's slow this down a bit. You have a year before I can legally have sex with you. If I do it before then I could go to prison because that makes me a paedophile." "Only if we got caught or I tell and neither of those things is going to happen in your bed." "Jesus, you really are practising nude girls years foto to be a lawyer." "Not really Jase, I want to help kids like you do. I see how much love you have to give us and how good it makes you feel. I felt the same way with Damien. I was pretty well starved of love even by my mum, but you lavish so much of it on me I feel so special." "Well you are special, and don't you let anyone ever tell you otherwise." "I won't. Kevin told me I was special as well when I saw him at the park a couple of weeks ago. He looks so sad though Jase, why do you think that is?" "I don't know Matt, I will try to find out though. We both owe him. I'm at your school again soon I'll try to make contact with him. Do you know his last name?" "Yes, it's Davis. Now, what about us?" "I honestly don't know, this has come in from the outfield, I don't know how to handle it. I love you, I never thought about making love to you though." "Can I at least sleep with you tonight and will you go to bed naked like I do?" "That really is dangerous Matt but we can try it." I got another kiss on the lips, more passionate this time and I liked it. I realised as I was getting ready for bed that Matt had never seen me naked, I had of course seen him when he was damaged goods but not since except in the dark. For his subsequent medicals I hadn't been there to see him stripped and at the gym we usually left and showered at home. I was just towelling myself dry from my shower when he walked in, naked as the day he was born, so that made two of us. I looked him up and down as he stood in front of me doing the same. He had a lovely little body, lightly muscled, beautiful clear skin that looked amazing and I knew how soft it was from our occasional night cuddles. Very little hair, a very pretty penis that was about three or four inches long laying neatly over his ball sac which hung nicely, not too big. "Well I suppose we had better have topless 15 year old a look at the other view having well and truly scoped out the front. Like to turn around for me?" He did and my eyes watered. The last time I had seen his bottom it was a blue black colour, now it was pink. Again 14 years sexy boys no hair, two lovely rounded little melons made up his butt and I loved the look of it. He turned round again. "You are a beautiful young man Matt. When you meet your Mister Right he is going to be one very lucky guy." "I've already met my Mr. Right Jase, he just doesn't know he is going to be the one yet." He moved in close to me and kissed me again. 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Friday, August 3rd 2012

12:00 AM

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